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Scoring in practice

Now that you understand the scoring concepts, we need to apply that in practice to specific holes and pars. Here we look at calculations of how the di


A golfer will have numerous clubs in his bag, each with a different purpose. Within each category you may also find different varients (identified by


In addition to golf clubs, golf balls are the most important equipment in a successful game of golf, and have seen a major evolution since the game wa

Modern day etiquette

The R&A and USGA combined rules are revised and published every four years. The most recent rules were implemented in January 2019. One would think th

Golf equipment

Golf is a popular sport and is both played and watched all over the world. In fact, there are an estimated 60 million golfers in the world, and even more spectators. Not all of these are professional golfers per se. Everyone starts somewhere, and learning to golf is no easy feat. One of the first […]

The history of golfing and its etiquette

Golf, one of the world’s oldest sports, is a landscape sport where players are required to strike a small ball within a course and into various holes,


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