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Can You Vape on a Golf Course?

For years now, many courses have allowed golfers to smoke while on the fairway, with some golf clubs even selling cigars to their patrons. With vapes having taken the world by storm, one can only imagine that many golfers, like other athletes, have migrated from smoking to vaping because the latter is more acceptable. However, […]

Games You Can Play on the Golf Course

Golf is a lifelong game that can be played by the health-conscious and those who view it as an opportunity to become the next Tiger Woods. However, there are certain games you can play if you’re seeking something more enjoyable, from something as straightforward as a game of rivalry with a friend or member of […]

Golfers Who Choose Augmentation Procedures

Female golfers might be interested in undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. However, they could also be held back by concerns that it will affect both their health and golf performance. If they choose the right implant provider then this will not be a problem. Mobility after the surgery is very important. When someone starts a […]

Utilising Picture Frames Within Golf Clubhouses

Establishments that offer golf courses to members will also usually have a clubhouse. These areas allow the golfers to relax before and after their time on the holes. The level of luxury will depend on how much money the club has. Some of them are fairly modest and act mainly as a shelter. Higher profile […]

Taking Care of Your Health as a Golfer

Golf can be an enjoyable sport, played worldwide by many in competitions and even as a hobby. Golf is best played when you’re in a fit and healthy condition, however. Many aspects of your health may be obvious, but there are other things that you should take into consideration too. Here are some tips on […]

Clothing for Golfers

If you’re new to the popular sport of golf, then you may be wondering what the appropriate clothing is that should be worn. Fortunately, golf clothing is pretty simple to get your head around. Continue reading this article for a guide to what clothing is suitable for golfers while on the course. Comfortable Yet Stylish […]


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