For years now, many courses have allowed golfers to smoke while on the fairway, with some golf clubs even selling cigars to their patrons. With vapes having taken the world by storm, one can only imagine that many golfers, like other athletes, have migrated from smoking to vaping because the latter is more acceptable. However, vaping rules may differ from one course to the next; hence, it is wise to consult with the course management to determine whether you’re allowed to vape or not. The good news? Most clubs have no issue with vaping on the course.

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Vaping Etiquette

Just because a course doesn’t prohibit vaping doesn’t mean you should vape however you want. The rule of thumb is to be considerate of the people around you. Vapes emit vapour, which may not be a thing for everyone. So, what should you do? Refrain from vaping when people are close by.

Can You Vape Inside a Clubhouse?

As mentioned before, vaping rules differ from one golf course to another. And while courses can allow you to vape, they may prohibit vaping in certain areas. Some of them have designated vaping and smoking areas. Vaping in any other place other than those areas may be considered improper. Always know the rules in advance to avoid brushing shoulders with the management.