Golf is a lifelong game that can be played by the health-conscious and those who view it as an opportunity to become the next Tiger Woods. However, there are certain games you can play if you’re seeking something more enjoyable, from something as straightforward as a game of rivalry with a friend or member of your family to something as complex as a tracker of achievements.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

This game is ideal for golfers with higher handicaps who still wish to participate in a round. It’s a point-scoring game, but this one revolves around being the first to do something. Bingo! is awarded to the first player to hole out and also the first to hit their ball onto the green. Similarly, the player with the ball closest to the pin gets the award once all balls have been placed on the green.

Two, three, or four golfers can participate in the game.


This straightforward match-play structure enables you to play with everyone in your group during the round rather than just one partner. There are three six-hole matches made up of 18 holes. You may use any scoring system you like.

Even if you lose one of your matches heavily, you still have two more matches to try to turn things around. Golfers must play in a foursome.

Alternate Shot

Alternate Shot is a radically different golf style, sometimes known as Foursomes. You probably only watch it on television during the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup. Attempting it with your pals helps you learn why even the top players in the world have trouble with it.

After one player strikes, the following player strikes from that position. Depending on where your teammate leaves you to hit from, you might be inspired to look for new friends.

Another variation would be to have each twosome hit a drive, choose the best one, and alternate shots to the hole from there. Golfers must play in a foursome too.