Various accessories are required to make sure that a golfer performs at his peak and complies with golf etiquette.


The term tee originally related to the area within which the golf began to play a hole, which was called “teeing off”.

A tee is used to hold a golf ball in place, particularly when hitting the first ball in a round with a driver that requires distance.

Tees were traditionally made of rubber and three prongs to hold a ball. This didn’t pierce the ground and lay flat on the ground. The tee that we know today as a single stick that pierces the ground and has a round divot to hold the ball in place was developed in 1897 and known as the “Viktor” tee.

Modern tees come in a variety of sizes, dependant on where you are using them on a course and the type of club you intend hitting the ball with. An array of tees are accordingly a must-have in a golf bag.

Divot repair tool

Divot’s are part and parcel of playing golf. When balls land on grass, or clubs make contact with grass, grass can often either lift or dent. A divot repair tool, which has two sharp prongs, must be used to help replace or correct any grass that was damaged. This is important because a divot caused by your ball or club can have an effect on the course of a ball of another player, and for that reason it is part of the Rules of the Game that players carry divot repair tools and rectify any divots.


Gloves are used by golfers to ensure a correct grip is maintained in a swing with a club, and prevents the club from turning or twisting the players hand. A golf glove is worn on a players top hand, meaning for right handed golfers the glove is worn on the left hand, and for left handed golfers the glove is worn on the right hand.

Generally, players wear gloves for their “long” game (drives from the tee), and remove the gloves for their “short” game, such as putting.

Golf Towel

An often overlooked accessory, golf towels are an important part of a golfers bag. Towels are used for drying moisture off a ball or club, particularly where grass or green is wet. Moisture can have a big impact on the route, direction and distance of a ball. Towels are also used to clean any clubs that have collected sand and grass, again which will impact on the performance of the club.