As a beginner in golf, you may be overwhelmed when starting. The dress code, etiquette, equipment, and playing the game can be difficult to navigate for beginners. Here we break down the top 5 do’s and don’ts for beginners.

Practice on a driving range

Do not attempt to play a full game of 18 holes until you feel comfortable with the technical aspects of golf. Start by practicing on a driving range, progress to a “mashy” course or a 9 hole course before you attempt a full 18 hole course. Remember, golf etiquette requires speed on the course, which is impossible until you have the hang of swinging a club and hitting a ball.

Try a Par 3 course

Once you are comfortable on a driving range, try a par 3 course, where all 18 holes are par 3 (the distance from the tee to the hole is less than 250 yards), and is a perfect for beginners to get their bodies used to playing a full 18 holes, as well as practising 18 holes of putting.

Learn the etiquette

Etiquette is the foundation of golf, and every beginner must familiarize themselves with the etiquette before playing. This includes etiquette regarding clothing, safety and general play. Understanding etiquette from the outset will facilitate your learning and your acceptance into the sport by others.

Get lessons

Even players who have been playing for years occasionally need assistance from a coach. A coach can spot, and help rectify, issues in your grip or swing. Spotting issues early will help you learn and enjoy the game, as well as fix incorrect form before it becomes learnt behavior.

Focus on putting

You may get the ball to the green in two shots, but that will all go to waste if you are unable to get the ball in the hole in a suitable number of shots on the green. Driving ranges and courses have practice putting greens – utilize them to practice your putting and understand the skills required for successful putting.