For many people, our hobbies and pastimes are some of the moments we derive a lot of pleasure. So you can imagine how awful it can be for someone who likes playing golf to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects various joints like the knees. It makes various aspects of the game like getting that perfect swing or even simple tasks like bending to collect the ball hard to do. However, all is not lost for golf lovers who are suffering from arthritic knees. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your game.

Stretch Before You Swing

Osteoarthritis presents challenges for golf players, but over time players can learn to adapt their swing by making frequent small changes. One of these changes is to warm-up before beginning their game. A couple of minutes of stretching the hamstrings and calf muscles will reduce knee pain in osteoarthritis and improve your range of motion. Spending at least ten minutes stretching will ensure you have a fantastic time during the tee times.

Select Your Gear Carefully

If you are used to swinging clubs with very stiff shafts, you might want to switch them out for clubs with flexible shafts. A club with a flexible shaft makes launching the ball into the air a bit easier. You might also want to use lighter clubs so that you do not strain your knees as you hit the ball. Remember to reduce the weight of the golf bag by removing unnecessary items. When choosing a ball, go for a lower compression ball which is easier to hit.

Practical Golfing Tips

Use energy-conserving techniques while playing on the course. Select a comfortable swing like the reverse-C swing or the modern swing to avoid straining your back.

You do not have to quit playing golf if you are diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. The above tips will help you still enjoy playing golf.