Although people still play golf the same way they have in centuries, technology has changed different aspects of the game. In turn, it has made playing golf easier and more dynamic. Here are things about golf that technology has impacted the most.

Golf clubs

Golf clubs are changing drastically, with aerodynamics technology being one of the central focuses of such changes. Weight and speed also impact what new manufacturers create, as they try to make the club swifter, lighter, and easy to balance. Only three years ago, the club weighed 50 grams more than it does today. The introduction of graphite shafts makes hitting the ball straighter and longer.

According to golf regulations, manufacturers can build clubs with heads measuring 460 cubic centimetres, which is quite forgiving even for bad swings.

Golf balls

The game has changed from having one standard ball for all level players. Golfers can now choose golf balls depending on their growth level. For example, a one-piece golf ball is ideal for beginners since it flies straight forward compared to the rest. However, it does not cover much distance, making advanced golfers prefer two-piece balls and above.

The pros go for five-piece or multilayers: golf balls, which demand a certain sophistication. It is often a poor decision for beginners to choose these balls, as they need more skill to maximize their potential.

Golf shoes

Golf shoes were by far nothing for golfers to be proud of. The first-generation shoes were bulky and ugly, with their only advantage being the metal spikes that gave a certain grip on the turf. Manufacturers have started to pay more attention to the shoes, making them more attractive, comfortable, and effective.

Additions such as better padding, better material quality, waterproofing the shoes, and increasing their support make golf shoes much better. One can now get through as many as 18 holes without blisters.