If someone has a serious love of golf then the chances are they will spend much of their time on the course. The emergence of golf clubhouses has meant that people can take a meal break and socialise with friends before heading back on the green. It is common for golf aficionados to enjoy this activity from early morning to well into the evening.

However, eventually the golfer will have to head home. The majority of courses are closed to members when the sun goes down. Since a lot of golfers have a high income they can afford to have an extravagant interior design.

For example, they could fill their floors with patchwork rugs from Trend Carpet. These hand woven items are created in a very interesting way. First a number of different Turkish rugs are cleaned together. A manufacturer then takes them to a repairer so that they can be strengthened. Finally, the rugs are stretched into one piece. Patchwork rugs are the perfect choice for golfers who want to come home to an ornate and stylish room.

Impressing Golfer Friends

It is common for people to invite other golf members to their home. This social event could be in the form of a dinner party or barbeque. Golfing friends might also come over to watch professional matches live on the television. Regardless of why people come to visit the patchwork rugs supplied by Trend Carpet are sure to impress guests.

Black And White Colour Schemes

When choosing the floor d├ęcor it is useful to first pick a colour scheme. Golfers will likely prefer black and white as it will remind them of their golf balls and tees. These two contrasting shades also work well with many different room designs.

Opting For Vibrancy

On the other hand some people might prefer something much brighter. They will have spent the majority of their day within a grassy and sandy environment. Therefore they could pick hues that are more visually refreshing. Good examples include red, turquois and purple. It is wise to choose colours that are not commonly seen on the golf course.