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The history of golfing and its etiquette

Golf, one of the world’s oldest sports, is a landscape sport where players are required to strike a small ball within a course and into various holes,

Traditional golf etiquette

The first rules of golf were first established in 1744 by the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG), originally named the Company of Gentleme

Safety Tips While Playing Golf

They say safety first is safety always. Those were the words of Charles M. Hayes, and they can be related to playing golf. The golf game can be a very risky game for both players and the fans if safety precautions are not observed. The golf course has some safety features, plus there are others […]


Clothing is an integral part of golf etiquette, and many clubs strictly enforce rules with regards to clothing and shoes.

Bright colours: While some

Carts and Caddies

Due to the nature of golf bags and the clubs that they carry, together with the length of an 18 hole golf course, carrying a golf bag can be a challen


Handicaps are used to measure a golfers ability, and also forms the basis of scoring in golf. All golfers are required to have a handicap, and it is p


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