The R&A and USGA combined rules are revised and published every four years. The most recent rules were implemented in January 2019. One would think that the continuous revision of the rules would mean that the game of golf is able to keep up with the times. This however is not necessarily true, as evidenced by our breakdown of golf etiquette and women’s rights in golf.

One way that golf has kept up with modern times is the use of technology to educate players. Players are now able to easily access the digital Rules of Golf book, as well as access explanation videos, to ensure that rules are adhered to at all times.

Some believe that certain etiquette rules need further modernizing, such as club houses not allowing golf shoes indoors, despite most golf shoes now being spikeless. This with the dress-codes of collared shirts, and specific length shorts and socks can often make the game of golf feel outdated and not keeping with the times.

Some old rules have been removed, such as the rules that stated that if you borrowed a club from another player, you had to play that club for the remainder of the round, as well as the rule preventing players from removing debris in order to identify their ball.

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