Clothing is an integral part of golf etiquette, and many clubs strictly enforce rules with regards to clothing and shoes.

  • Bright colours: While some professional golfers have popularized bright colourful outfits and prints, traditionally, golf clothing was to be muted and plain.
  • Collared shirts: both men and women are required to where collared shirts (now colloquially referred to as golf shirts). One should under no circumstances wear a t-shirt to a golf club.
  • Pants and shorts: pants should be khaki chinos or golf slacks, specifically with belt loops (and a belt). Jeans are not allowed on a golf course, and are not acceptable attire. Shorts are acceptable provided that they are not tight not too short (specifically for women), and should hit just above the knee.
  • Shoes and socks: Sandals are not allowed at a golf club, and specific golf shoes are required. Previously, golf shoes had spikes, similar to soccer or rugby boots, which could be manually changed, however, newer soft spikes shoes are now preferred for their comfort as well as the fact that they cause less damage to club-house flooring. With regards to socks, socks should be light colored, and under no circumstances should you attempt to wear secret socks whilst playing golf.
  • Headgear: hats are commonly worn in golf due to the protection they provide from the sun. Baseball type of hats are accepted, however, avoid caps with bright colours or prints or inappropriate slogans. Other headgear such as beanies, cowboy hats, or fedoras are not acceptable whilst playing golf. Headgear should also be removed whilst in the club house.