Due to the nature of golf bags and the clubs that they carry, together with the length of an 18 hole golf course, carrying a golf bag can be a challenging aspect of playing golf. This brought about the need for caddies. It is believed that the term caddie stems from Queen Mary of Scotland whilst she was playing golf in France, as the name given to her helpers who were the French Military, known in french as cadets. In addition to helping with the carrying of a golf bag, caddies also provide advice on the course, with many having years of experience on a specific course and know it well.

When utilizing the services of a caddie, it is good etiquette to tip the caddie after the game.

Motor powered golf carts where developed in the 1960’s and helped alleviate some of the physical constraints of a golf bag, but also helped maintain the speed of a golf game. Golf etiquette requires that a golf cart remain on designated paths at all times, and is not permitted to be driven on the actual course.

For those looking for assistance in carrying a heavy golf bag, but who still enjoy walking the course, motorized bag pushers or trolleys are a popular alternative to golf carts.